So you want to start promoting your business online and you can't afford to hire a full time marketing coordinator. So, why not hire your friend's teenage kid to set up and manage your Faceebook and Twitter accounts and help you out with your digital needs? Here are FIVE good reasons why you shouldn't: 1. Teenagers may have plenty of Facebook experience, but they don't have any marketing experience. Using Facebook to post selfies and chat with friends is one thing, using Facebook for your business is a completely different ball game. An experienced marketer knows how to tap into your audience and expand your reach using proven strategies and smart tactics. 2. Your neighbor's kid is smart. He's going to U of M next fall -he won't be with your business in a year. Hiring a teenager can save you money - they'll work for minimum wage. What happens when they head off to college or decide to follow Phish around the country and leave your social media hanging? You want to hire somebody who will stick with your company for the long haul. 3. A 16 year old can crack a great joke, but doesn't know how to be funny while still being professional. It's easy to post without thinking on social media sites. In the heat of the moment, a snarky reply might be satisfying. An off-color joke may seem funny at the time. Teenagers don't have enough experience using the "professional filter" and could wind up getting your business in trouble. 4. Your team represents your business. Teenagers are still learning how to represent themselves. It's hard to be a teenager. You're still learning how to push boundaries without breaking them, how to be yourself without sticking out. As an adult, you've learned this already. You can be sure that wherever you are, whatever you're doing, you are representing your company positively. 5. It took you years to learn about your industry. You can't rely on a teen to do the research. Experienced marketers know just how much research goes into a new client account. You delve in and learn as much as you can about their industry. Do you think a teenager is going to pass up the new episode of Teen Mom to do research on the [insert your industry here] industry? So before you hire your neighbor's kid or your nephew to run your company's social media - don't! You wouldn't let them be your marketing manager, so why would you let them be your social media manager? If you're looking how to run your social media on a budget, it's often less expensive (and more effective) to hire an agency to take care of it for you. Call 20 Creative to get started.